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Enterprise industry experience and expertise focused on regional development, customer benefits and community outcomes.

Our success is the strength of many

Gambarra Kaha translates to mean 'enduring strength' and symbolises our vision to build prosperity in the regions, areas and communities that we operate. Data Centres are an ecosystem that creates jobs, attracts investment, supports local businesses, drives innovation and delivers new services into region.

In 2022 an Australian Aboriginal and New Zealand Māori collaboration to build and operate regional edge data center's across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific began. The founders brought significant industry experience, expertise and credibility to build an enterprise that while delivering commercially, has a unique impact proposition understood globally.

Within two short  years, much progress has been made with significant industry and government support backing a shared vision of sovereign infrastructure delivering regional economic outcomes. This success forged from the Māori whakatauki (proverb) "Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini" - Our success is the strength of many.

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Our Services

Co-location Services
Empower your enterprise with our premier co-location data center services. Secure advanced space, power, and connectivity within our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring optimal performance without the need for infrastructure investment.
Bare Metal Compute
Equip your enterprise with our elite bare metal compute services. Harness dedicated physical servers tailored to your specific requirements. Experience unmatched performance, security, and control for your critical workloads ready to go when you are.
Sovereign Cloud
Elevate your enterprise with our Sovereign Cloud services. Deploy a dedicated, secure, and sovereign compliant cloud infrastructure designed to meet the data jurisdiction, governance and privacy needs of your organisation.
Redundancy and Failover
Provide redundant and fail over ready services to your organisations existing data hosting. Assured in the knowledge that your data is being backed up in modern, secure, reliable and managed data cnetre facilities.  
Economic Feasibility
Engage specialist property, engineering, commercial, and technology experts to assess new or existing data centre facilities being considered by your organisation. Expert insight into this specialist space.  
Commission new or existing data centre  facilities for your organisation. Significant experience and partner network able to commission pre-built and custom facilities for any requirement.
Regional hosting and fail over services for your enterprise
When data centre facilities are required in region, partner with Gambarra Kaha to provide better products and services to your customers.
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